making our ideals a living practice: exploring cultural activism, money and threefolding

John Bloom 2013

John Bloom would like to encourage those of us with a spiritual practice to get out of our chairs and become cultural activists. He has a background in fine arts, community supported agriculture, school administration and for the past 20 years has worked at RSF Social Finance in the US where as Vice-President of Organizational Culture, John attends to the reflective and relational aspects of the organization. He is keen to encourage us to put our ideals into practice.

You can listen to my conversation with John here.

What he calls cultural activism involves going out into the world and giving others the opportunity to listen to what’s in their hearts. As General Secretary for the US Anthroposophical Society, he speaks, writes and lectures about topics like money as a symbol of relationship, this notion of cultural activism, and how to apply Rudolf Steiner’s concept of social threefolding.

Here is what John has to say about threefolding on the RSF social finance website.

You can find out more about John’s book, ‘The genius of money’ in this interview and in a second interview. He has also written about other topics and here’s a link to his publications.

Image: Victor Dubreuil, Money to Burn 1893
This image is one of a number of images that John uses as illustrations and explorations of our relationship with money in his book, ‘The genius of money’.

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