Welcome to this website exploring human wisdom.

It features images by artist, Ligsma Kirpe, whose life and work were grounded in artistic expression and her devotion to an approach to spiritual wisdom and development known as anthroposophy. Ligsma’s artworks feature on the website and you can find out about her life and art here.

You will also find podcast conversations with individuals whose work is inspired by this spiritual philosophy developed by Rudolf Steiner.

Born in Austria, Steiner lived from 1861-1925 and introduced anthroposophy (which can be translated as ‘human wisdom’), a contemporary approach to spiritual and world understanding. His extraordinary body of work contributed to development within fields such as education, biodynamic agriculture, and anthroposophical medicine as well as in the creative arts.

You can listen to interviews with people whose work and creativity are inspired by Steiner and his intention to promote human development and spiritual understanding relevant for contemporary times.

This site is supported by the Ligsma Kirpe Trust Fund, based in Melbourne, Australia. Ligsma Kirpe’s work in creative spirituality is celebrated here. The trust she endowed after her death sponsors local initiatives and supports members of the Anthroposophical Society in inner Melbourne. You can find out more about Ligsma’s life and artwork and the trust fund she endowed.

Image: Detail of image from Hellebore series, watercolour study for Creative Studies class, 1987, Ligsma Kirpe

Banner image: Detail of a colour exercise, watercolour, 1980s, Ligsma Kirpe