making conflict fruitful

Julia Wolfson imageJulia Wolfson‘s life and work are inspired by her own background, experience and challenges in addressing crisis and difficulty especially in human services organisations through developing our innate powers. Julia is inspired by the work of Arnold and Amy Mindell around the principles of deep democracy.

You can listen to my interview with Julia here.

Her own work and research is described in her book Applying deep democracy in human services: diversity, inclusion and innate powers.

In our conversation held in late Autumn in Canberra, Julia relates her experiences and sources of inspiration in working with individual’s strengths, dreaJulia plusms, passions and capacity for collaboration in order to address difficulty and challenge.

You can find out more about Julia’s work at her website.

At the end of our interview, Julia talks about Rudolf Steiner’s work Knowledge of the higher worlds (which is also known as How to know higher worlds). This link takes you to a PDF copy of this work translated by Christopher Bamford (where the last word of Chapter 11 of the book is collaboration).

Thanks to the Ligsma Kirpe Trust fund for their support of this initiative and to Michael Young aka Young Werther for the music.


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