meeting destiny through vocation

In this inspiring conversation, we meet Janina Papas, who works with the healing modality known as Extra Lesson. She supports children with learning, social and behavioural challenges to address developmental problems, the knots in the cord of life that happen along the way from before birth, through birth trauma and the physical and emotional events and experiences of our lives.

Janina talks frankly about her own experience of learning difficulties throughout childhood. By following her own vocational path over many years, Janina patiently and gradually addresses her own learning and life challenges. She identifies the importance of reflex integration and healthy movement as paths of healing.

What Janina describes in this conversation demonstrates the power of working through life difficulties with patience and devotion. Janina’s humility, skill and experience shine through this conversation.

Listen to my conversation with Janina here. You can check out the other human wisdom conversations here.

Janina’s practice Threefold Educational Support is based in Mansfield, Victoria, and she also shares her work internationally. She works with individuals to integrate movement and developmental difficulties which can interfere with learning and childhood development through specifically selected movement exercises, as well as drawing and painting.

Extra Lesson derives its name from work begun in the 1970s in England, by Audrey McAllen. You can find out more about Extra Lesson practice in Australia here. Contact information for Janina and other Australian practitioners can be found here. Developed in Sweden, Rhythmic Movement Training uses gentle rhythmic movements to help develop coordination, emotional stability, mental wellbeing, muscle tone and primitive reflexes. You can learn more about it here.

Photo of Child Sweeping by Yan Krukov from Pexels

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