adventures in urban agriculture

pk_mentoring.jpgFormer accountant, Peter Kearney is a gardener, biodynamic practitioner and enthusiast for urban agriculture. We spoke earlier in 2018 about his passion for encouraging food gardens in our cities and the wonders of biodynamic gardening and farming. In this interview, Peter talks about his understanding of biodynamic agriculture, and urban agriculture and shares his experiences, particularly around the development of Millen Farm in Samford, Queensland, as well as in his own gardening practice.

Unfortunately, the quality of my recorded conversation with Peter was not good enough to create a podcast so please read this edited interview published in the Winter edition of the journal of the Anthroposophical Society in Australia.

You can also read Peter’s report here on using biodynamic preparations in urban food growing following a biodynamic conference at the Goetheanum, Dornach, in February 2018. Find out more about Peter’s work in teaching and mentorship at his website.

a spiritual exploration of trauma, healing and homosexuality

Book 1 Figure 24 (embrace heavens)Dawn Langman, educator and actor, shares her life experiences with great insight, frankness and wisdom.  In this conversation, Dawn places her traumatic early life experiences in the context of her understanding of reincarnation. She shares her own mystical experiences and the experience of dissociation and disembodiment and the impacts these have had on her life. She also relates her experience as a homosexual and her insights from anthroposophy about homosexuality.

You can listen to my conversation with Dawn here.

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