a spiritual exploration of trauma, healing and homosexuality

Book 1 Figure 24 (embrace heavens)Dawn Langman, educator and actor, shares her life experiences with great insight, frankness and wisdom.  In this conversation, Dawn places her traumatic early life experiences in the context of her understanding of reincarnation. She shares her own mystical experiences and the experience of dissociation and disembodiment and the impacts these have had on her life. She also relates her experience as a homosexual and her insights from anthroposophy about homosexuality.

You can listen to my conversation with Dawn here.

For Dawn, anthroposophy serves as a way to investigate the complexity of human life and she seeks its broader spiritual perspective of experiences like her journey with the twelve-step program around her own particular forms of addiction.

She sees that we are living in a time of revelation where all that is troubled needs to be exposed, and quotes Sophocles’ tragic hero, Oedipus, who urges, ‘Let it all come out, however vile, however base it be’. In her path of healing, Dawn has discovered that the revelation of what lies in darkness can become a path of healing and integration.

Based on her extensive experiences as a performer and teacher, Dawn has written two books for those working with speech and acting who seek a soul-spiritual perspective, The Art of Speech and The Art of Acting. She is currently preparing her third book.

In this conversation, Dawn refers to two of the foundation works of anthroposophy: Knowledge of the higher worlds (also translated as How to know higher worlds and available here as a PDF), and The philosophy of freedom (also translated as Intuitive thinking as a spiritual path: a philosophy of freedom). You can find out more about it here.

Emerson College is an educational institution for the study of anthroposophy which formerly offered studies in a wide range of areas including education and speech and drama, and which now hosts courses in arts and science in East Sussex, UK.

Thanks to the Ligsma Kirpe Trust fund for their support of this initiative and to Mick Young aka Young Werther for the music. The image of Dawn is by Raphaela Mazzone.


3 Replies to “a spiritual exploration of trauma, healing and homosexuality”

  1. Dear ClareGreat work! I just listened to the podcast with Dawn. Very deep and inspirational. Amazing openness from Dawn. Thank youSiegfried


  2. What a profound interview! So moved and deeply grateful for this interview. Am sharing it with my students who are doing Biography work now. With Love


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