crisis, courage and beholding

ray-roborg-sondergaard.jpgRay Roborg-Sondergaard is a young educator with a clear sense of what’s vital in life. How do we have the courage to find our path through crisis and indecision? How do we behold others and ourselves honestly and in ways that allow our individual gifts and challenges to be addressed and worked with? How do we turn our spiritual beliefs into something that we practice not just uphold? These are questions that Ray has considered to help her navigate her twenties and reveal her path in life.

You can listen to my conversation with Ray here.

Here are some of the sources Ray used to help her move through the challenging times in life (with her comments):

The Calendar of the Soul, a collection of weekly inspirational verses by Rudolf Steiner (there are several editions and translations of this book, Ray now uses an illustrated edition and you can also consult an online version)
Awakening Beauty the Dr Hauschka Way  Susan West Kurz (a selection of meditations inspired by Steiner as well as lots of easy and effective self care recommendations)
On Meditation: Spiritual Perspectives compiled and edited by Taja Gut, translated by J. Collis (easy to read and practical)
Oneness with all life: Inspirational selections from ‘A new earth’ by Eckhart Tolle
A downloadable pdf book on Michaelmas produced by the Waldorf Library is available here.

Image credit: Archangel Michael, Emily Young, St Pancras New Church, London
The music on this recording is by Mick Young, aka Young Werther. You can find him on facebook.

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